Expectations are overrated

First and Foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Going into this holiday season really gets you thinking. Love one’s departed what has only been what feels like yesterday, and loved ones departed from when has been some time but who will always be remembered and never forgotten. My sobriety has always been important to me, but when it comes to staying sober it’s always been a battle. Going into the new year I want to do my best to eventually be sober, but will at the very least make my sober days count and last. Day at a time was an understatement because for most it’s a Day but for us a sober day is a triumph.


  1. Well done with choosing to go sober. I had to make the choice at least a dozen times before it stuck. Keep writing – writing is a different kind of addiction – one that is good for you.

  2. A day at a time leads to a month at a time and eventually the years pass too. I don’t even think about my sobriety now except in moments of deep awe and gratitude at all the great things that have come to me since I made the decision to throw away crutches.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes I feel like a failure for not being able to go the distance bit I keep trying and won’t stop trying till I defeat this addiction Also the statement made was very true and at the moment has now got me thinking about it, it feels as if it will never happen. I hope one day to be there.

  4. There are a couple of great blogs like the Tempest and Holly Whittaker’s blog – get the books and read up – you are not failing – alcohol is designed to suck you into thinking that. Keep reading inspiring books and keep working on it – eventually you will kick it and never look back

  5. I think some people have it in their heads that they are missing out if they give up alcohol – it is actually the opposite – beat decision I ever stuck to (once I finally could)

  6. That sounds amazing, I want one day to be exactly where u are. It seems like when I feel like i finally have a grip on this disease, it finds a way around. Fml

  7. Thank you for the support, I wish I could say that it was made just because, but things had reached a boiling point and there was no other choice. I love to write, it is a way to help me get all this craziness in my head out.

  8. That is such a beautiful statement, and it is crazy on how simple worded the sentence is, but how difficult the actions are. I hope one day to be at that point where it won’t be a thought in the back of my head but I know that will come with time. You give me so much hope.

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