Addiction: Destructive. You think your in control?

So I look back and try to piece together what started me on such a self destructive path. When things are M going so well I just have to find a way to make things a little more difficult, or as I call it interesting. We think that we have found a way to be an addict, and to not let it hurt us. But the bottom line is, that it is impossible. There is no way to tame the addiction. It will destroy everything on its wake if you let it

I’ve come to the realiztion that if I dont stop. Everything I have worked so hard for will all be taken away in an instant and I will mlm only have myself to blame. It’s so crazy how we toy with the idea of self destruction, but we are in the middle of it all we.want is a redo. Well if we just fixed it before it got bad it wouldn’t be am issue right?

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