Here we go again.   Relapse is not the end.

So this year has not been my crowning moment of permanent sobriety. I started off strong, but found myself edging my way towards using. Am I proud…. Never. We are only as strong as are last recovery. Remember the easy part is relapsing, cause all u have to do is use and it’s over. But from personal experience, it’s what we do after the relapse that matters. We can keep using and allow it to not only ruin our lives, but the lives of everyone important to us. Or we remember why we stopped and start again. Now the best way to be sober…. is to be sober and not relapse. But if u find yourself relapsed, then u just pick yourself up and do the hardest thing and stop. I will be writing and continuing to tell my story, in Hope’s of others with there addiction.

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