What a year!!!????

So this year is coming to an end,  and for most regrets are what outline their year.  For me its the complete opposite.  Don’t get me wrong there were decisions made that I really wish i could’ve done differently,  but as i call them “The could’ve should’ve, would’ves”  I know we all wish there is something that can be done to change any of that, but the reality is there isn’t.  I am truly blessed to make it through this year a different person. I’ve learned so much about who I am and truly how strong of a person I am capable of being.  Who knows what the new year has in store for any of us?  What i do know,  is that I am going to do everything in my power to definitely make this the best and most productive year iv’e ever had.  My sobriety is definitely gonna take a main focus coming into the new year,  cause how can i ever plan to achieve greatness if i am polluting my body and mind, and slowly killing myself.  My greatest achievement for this year so far is that I am able to end this year sober, and was able to work on myself as well as my spirituality

Was I able to maintain my sobriety through out the year….. Unfortunately not,  there were relapses,  breakdowns,  and rock bottoms but going through all that truly showed me what I am capable of, and if i can handle that there is nothing I cant do. To anyone ending the year with uncertainties or wishing you were in a better place, just remember it can always be worst.  Life is a battle,  every day is a battle.  Waking up, going to work, dealing with people, ect.  What it ultimately comes down to is how much do we want to live our life the way we want to,  or how much do we want our life to live us and dictate what we do.   If I can pass on one thing that will stick and maybe help anyone who is loss and feeling like there is no chance for redemption.  Remember  until the day you die there is always chance for redemption,  and with god on our side there is nothing we cannot do.  Happy New Year to everyone and lets make 2019 our year

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