The Neverending Battle that Never Ends

Its so crazy to see how quickly my life changes direction. One minute an addict who cannot stop, to the next moment where I am a proud sober activist. How easy it is in the blink of an eye to fall so far back down the dark abyss where even though my feelings are medicated, my heart and soul cry.

What is, can, and will be

The thing is at the end of the day as long as we make it through this all can be fixed. The fact that we are lucky enough to go on living, is in our good favor to fix and change all past mistakes. I know it is easier said than done……… Because I would have done it already, but I have gone a week, I have gone a month, hell I have even gone two so I know as long as God keeps me living on this beautiful green earth there are no mistakes or bad decisions that cannot be corrected.

Remember This

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