New beginnings

So it’s been about a week since I’ve uprooted my entire life, and so far things are starting to look up. 1st and most important is the sobriety. It’s been over 10 days since using and I’m a so proud. At the same time I have found a new job, and of all goes well Monday should be my start date. I’m still nervous and scared that things will fall through, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. Also building up my faith and as everyone tells me, putting my faith on the Lord almighty. I know he has a plan for me, and I’m hoping that this upcoming job opportunity is all part of it. I really don’t know what’s gonna happen next, all i know is things are looking up and I’m trusting that whatever is meant to be will be. I am happy that this move has brought out the better in me, and I will Try and continue to be the better version of me I can be.

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